My Favourite Acne Treatment Products – Say Bye to Pimples!

Summer is in town! It’s beach-time and party-time! 🙂 However, this is also the season when my skin gets oilier and pimples start popping out! Oh Nooo!!! Well, luckily I have my two favourite remedies so that I will not freak out ❤

Kose & Innisfree pimple treatment


Kose Spot Serum

This has been my favourite spot serum for 2 years. I have been re-purchasing it 2 times 🙂

What does it do? (by Kose)

A targeted treatment for acne and breakouts that helps rid skin of pore clogging toxins, while balancing the production of excess oil. It also helps minimize acne scars for a clearer complexion.

Jose Spot Serum

The texture is watery and it absorbs quickly to the infected area. The sponge attached to the bottle is for ease of application, so the serum will not be wasted. The only downside is when the serum starts running out, it gets harder to apply directly to the infected areas as the serum could not run down to the sponge properly. Other than that, it’s just perfect for me 🙂

My Opinion:

There is no reason not to love this serum. I apply it to the infected area before any other skincare products morning & night. And it works like miracle 🙂


This is my first bottle, and I have been using it for the past 4 months. This product specially targets major breakouts (Innisfree has another range of Anti-Trouble Spot Essence W to treat minor breakouts).


What does it do? (By Innisfree)

Natural Jeju torreya spot essence for redness on your troubled skin. Outstanding healing effect of the torreya seed oil for troubled skin.



The texture is quite thick, and it dries easily giving white/grey-matte-powdery-finish-look. It could be applied under make-up, as it helps to cover up the redness.

My opinion:

This is a great product for my big pimples. Normally after applying Kose Spots Serum, I will apply this cream on top of my other skincare products, morning & night. It really helps to reduce the size of my big pimples (usually it takes 4-5 days to subside, if it is a really big pimple :O) The best thing is, it can be used under make-up due to its matte-powdery-finish.

Well, I could say that these two products are my must-have pimple treatment! I will always have them with me, even tough when i am travelling. With these products, SAY NO TO PIMPLES 🙂


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