BRUGES – The Romantic City in Europe

What could be more romantic than strolling at a small-charming city surrounded by scenic historical, architectural and fairytale-like-backdrop with canal and river full of swans? A very relaxing city with exquisitely decorated cafés and local shops selling homemade stuffs such as lacey products to delightful chocolates?!


No, this is not an imaginary city. BRUGES is indeed a very lovely small city located in northwest Belgium. I visited this city in late April 2015, where spring was around the corner. The weather was quite chilly, but still perfect for relaxing stroll along the river, café and restaurant hopping.

The city is quite small, making it just perfect to walk from one point to another ~ The Markt, Church of Our Lady up to Minnewater ~ (trust me, you won’t get bored coz lots of unique little shops along the roadside). Besides gorgeous scenery, this city also offers the tourists sweet treats and savoury meals. One thing for sure, Bruges is a Chocolate Heaven for those who loves it 😉

Bruges Delicious Chocolate

Countless shops selling delightful and uniquely crafted homemade chocolate.

Bruges Local Food

Belgian waffles, Belgian Fries, Belgian Hot Chocolate… I will never get enough of them! The Old Chocolate House has one of the best hot chocolate and handmade chocolates I have ever tasted. Belgian Mussels (the must-try-local-food) is obligatory if you visit Belgium. I had mine at Poules Moules (the huge portion is served with yummy-awesome-Belgian-fries served with Mayonnaise! so delicious yet so sinful) ❤

Bruges Local Food

Delicious flemish beef stew & baked fish @ Bierbrasserie Cambrinus. Juicy beef and rich-creamy baked Salmon? make your pick… both on generous portions.

If you would ever visit Belgium or the neighbouring country, stop by Bruges and spend 1 day there. It’s worth the time and journey 🙂 And… here I share the rest of the pictures



Bruges   Bruges





Bruges   Bruges

Bruges                    Bruges   Bruges

These pictures surely capture the view of the city. But the atmosphere and experience itself are indescribable. Bruges is indeed a very beautiful and romantic city! A hidden gem of Europe.

PS: We went on a relatively gloomy day but still had so much fun. Imagine how it would have been on a sunny day 🙂


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