Blue & Pink Inspired Nail Polish

Happy Monday Everyone! Let’s start today with a big motivation!

Today I am going to share my first post on nail polish. Hope it doesn’t look that bad 😉 I found the inspiration when I saw the post from one of my favourite bloggers, Styled with Joy. The blue and pink colours are just beautiful (my favourite colour is blue, and I think the combination of pink will make it better). So I purchased those two colours, and a nail stamp.

I tried couples of designs, with errors and trials, and ended up having this as the final one 🙂

Blue Pink Nail Polish

Blue Pink Nail Polish

Blue Pink Nail Polish

Blue Pink Nail Polish

I will try another designs, as I enjoy colouring my nails. It brighten up my day 🙂

So, how is your Monday? Remember that you are the one in charged of How You Feel Today. Choose to feel Great!!!


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2 thoughts on “Blue & Pink Inspired Nail Polish

  1. Thank you so much for linking my blog and mentioning me along with kind words! I was so surprised to see this today. Love it! The designs you did on each nail are great. This is a playful manicure that is great for summer! If this is your first attempt, I can’t wait to see your next!!! 🙂

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