A Lemon A Day ~ Keeps The Doctor & Pimples Away

A cup of warm water with lemon everyday will keep you healthy. What? That yellowish and sour fruit? Yup, that fruit! LEMON!


I have read a lot of articles on the benefits of lemon and I decided to give it a try. I have been drinking warm lemon juice every morning for two weeks (almost everyday).


– 1 cup of warm water

– ½ fresh lemon (I started with ¼ lemon as it is too sour for me)


Squeeze ½ fresh lemon to the warm water, mix and drink it the first thing when you wake up every morning. The best result is 30 minutes before any meals.

Seems to be a very simple drink… but this “juice” is very powerful. Here, I list the benefits of drinking warm lemon every morning:

  1. Boost Your Immune System and Energy

Say goodbye to flu and cold. Drinking lemon water will increase your body’s immune system, as lemon is high in Vitamin C. It also contains potassium that stimulates your brain and nerve systems. Besides, it could also help to control blood pressure and keep you energized for the day.

  1. Cleanse & Detox Your Body

Warm lemon water acts as a diuretic as it helps to clean the urinary tract and encourage the production of urine. Therefore, it flushes out the unwanted materials from your body. Moreover, the citric acid found in lemon also stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.

  1. Balance pH Level in Your Body

Lemon is one of the best alkaline foods for the body. That sour lemon??? Yup, although lemon tastes sour, it contains both citric and ascorbic acids that helps to maintain the pH level. A good pH level is essential to maintain good health. 

  1. Clear You Skin

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production, which helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes. As drinking warm lemon water could flush out the toxins from the blood, it indeed, helps to clear skin.

  1. Helps Weight Loss

Although lemon on its own doesn’t give you a miracle weight loss, it could help to achieve faster and long-term result. Lemon contains pectin fiber, which could help in reducing hunger craving, and also boost metabolism. It gives you a stuffed feeling, making it less likely to snack between meals.

Well… although I have only been drinking warm lemon water for 2 weeks (it’s not too long to show a result yet), but I can feel that I am more energized, and no new pimple emerged so far.

Give it a try, it’s worth your effort. It’s not too difficult to make anyway. I have tried, and will continue for long-term, will you? 🙂


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8 thoughts on “A Lemon A Day ~ Keeps The Doctor & Pimples Away

    1. Really? ohhh that’s quite bad 😦 but if you have time you could drink fruit juice in the morning (apple, carrot or watermelon). It’s always good to drink it with an empty stomach 😉


      1. Point noted! I will try that. I do drink watermelon and apple juice almost everyday, but haven’t tried it on an empty stomach. I will give it a shot. 🙂 Thank you!! 🙂

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