Super Easy Korean Skincare Routine

So here I am, again, writing my second post, and I can’t wait to introduce my skin care routine ;). You may have noticed that I really like Korean skincare & make-up for several reasons.

First, Korean skincare emphasizes more on natural ingredients, and the price is more affordable. You could find ingredients like green tea, rice even snail extract (wowwww!!!)

Moreover, what I like most is that Koreans have the skincare routine that is motivated by prevention, rather than treatment. They have consistency and are willing to invest in their skincare regime and less in covering-blemishes-kind-of-thing. One thing for sure, their skins are amazing!! Don’t be surprised if they have 10-12 steps regime everyday (^^!)

IMG_3941 (1)

Well, now I will share my own skincare regime (FYI, I have oily-combination skin).

  1. Pre-cleanse

It is also known as double-cleansing, before the actual facial foam cleanser. Koreans tend to believe that “If you have this much time to put on make-up, you will also need, at least, the same amount of time to clean it”. Therefore, this step is a must! First, I gently rub my face with Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Oil (read my review here). If there is still any eyeliner / mascara left, I will use Cyber Colors Remover to gently wipe any excess.

  1. Cleanse

After pre-cleanse, the next step is to clean your face with foaming cleanser. I use Happy Bath Soapberry Cleansing Foam and Innisfree Jeju Bija Antitrouble Facial Foam. I prefer not to use scrub, as it will irritate my skin. Foam type will leave my skin moist and supple.

  1. Toner

Unlike Western skincare, Korean skincare uses alcohol-free toner. It does not dry your skin, while balancing the pH of your skin and cleansing the residue that your cleanser didn’t get to. Toner is the step to prepare your skin to absorb all-other-nutrition that you are about to apply. I love Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener.

  1. Essence

I am sure, most of you have heard of SKII facial treatment essence. Yes, essence is also very important in Korean skincare. It ensures that the skin receives sufficient hydration, and the concentrated formula is specifically designed to improve the overall skin. I always tap Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence onto my face and neck.

  1. Serum / Ampoule

This is a much more concentrated and vitamin-rich version of essence. Serum / ampoule is mostly beneficial when it is applied after toner and essence. The products go hand in hand with each other. It helps to resolve overall skin problems, such as wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and the loss of collagen or elasticity. I applied Pure Heal’s Volcanic Pore Eraser Ampoule in the morning, and Nature Republic Snail Solution 80 Ampoule or Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair at night.

  1. Eye Cream

The part of skin under eyes is very sensitive and needs to be taken care of properly to prevent wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness as early as possible. I use Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Eye Concentrate. Apply by gently tapping it around the eyes area using ring fingers. 

  1. Emulsion / Moisturizer

Finally, we reach the moisturizing step. Hydration, hydration and hydration! That’s what moisturizer is for. I just can’t get enough of Nature Republic Argan 20 Steam Emulsion (read my review here). Don’t forget to apply it to your neck as well.

  1. Night Cream / Night Mask

Okay, I promise, this will be the last step! Night Cream / Night Mask is the step after moisturizer. The purpose is mainly to lock the moisture, and keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. My favourites are Laneige Water Sleeping Pack and Nature Republic Snail Solution 70 Cream.

So, eight steps are not that bad right? 😉 Well, you could add these additional steps for better result. Actually, it is kind of the whole package of Korean-Skincare-Routine, but not for everyday application… fiuhhhh ^^!

Optional (But Mostly Recommended)

  1. Sheet Mask

Yes, this is that famous sheet mask that everyone should have known! It will give you extra result and skin boost, best to apply two to three times a week for optimum results. The beautiful thing about this mask is it specifically targets the concern area, such as acne, oily-skin, wrinkle and there are a lottt of choices to choose from

  1. Exfoliate

It is better to remove dead skin for a brighter and healthier skin. Try exfoliating your skin twice or thrice in a week (not so often as it will irritate your skin). I have been using Clarisonic for a year now, and still loving it Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is also my favourite. Read why exfoliate is important for your skin here.

These are my daily skincare routine. After I have used these products diligently for sometime and control my diet, the result is finally showing on my skin *My skin is not flawless, but at least it really improved dramatically*

 Well, this is my sharing about my skincare routine, how about yours?


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9 thoughts on “Super Easy Korean Skincare Routine

    1. I love using skin masks 😉 I will use it after exfoliation. I like face shop and innisfree masks. Sometimes when I have pimples I will use Innisfree trouble care mask. I just love it.
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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